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I am Swami, founder of Swipe Pages. Thanks for dropping by. 

Before starting Swipe Pages, I and a few of my colleagues were in the WordPress space, developing premium themes and plugins.

Our products powered over 35,000 websites and we sold millions. In the process some of our key learnings sowed the seeds for Swipe Pages.

  1. Web traffic was mobile driven and now accounts for nearly 60% of all visits.However web experiences were built desktop-first. Sites were mobile responsive but were bloated with design features that made no sense for an end user.
  2. A Spaghetti experience. To build a site on WordPress you needed a theme, dozens of plugins, a hosting provider & CDN. You had to navigate a plethora of problems like inconsistent UX, long learning curves, version control, updates, compatibility & security issues.
  3. Websites were more like a Vcard. It was landing pages and funnels that did the business, generating leads & sales.

We started Swipe Pages as a landing page platform to help marketers, entrepreneurs and agencies build mobile first experiences quickly and easily. No hassles. Just focussed on results, that is to get more leads, sales and higher ROI on ad campaigns. 

But this is just the beginning. Our vision is to empower creators, entrepreneurs & businesses with tools that are frictionless and help them build & grow their business online.


Founder- Swipe Pages

Our Mantras

Be Agile

We plan & execute swiftly. No long meetings, own the problem & look for smart solutions that deliver results.

Be Customer centric

At Swipe Pages, everyone has to do anything & everything to deliver a great customer experience.

Be Driven by Results

Never do something for the sake of it. At the end of the day, what we do must add value to our customers & our business.

Don’t take our word hear it from our customers…

“With Swipe Pages we saved time and now have beautiful looking fully functional landing page up and running for our clients under 1-2 hours.

What we like BEST, is its SPEED. Swipe Pages is easy to use landing builder with AMP Technology – Accelerated Mobile Pages. The best way to describe this is its insanely fast. Similary fast is Swipe Pages support.”


Our Core Team















Want to be a part of the Swipe Pages team?

We don’t want fancy degrees, you just need to be passionate, have great attitude, take ownership and have the will ( & skill ) to do whatever it takes to build products that delight customers.

Mail Us: careers@swipepages.com