Here is how we make your landing pages insanely fast!

50% of mobile visitors bounce off a landing page that takes longer than 3s to load. That’s half your ad spend gone.

When you hit that Publish button

Images are

Resized & Compressed

Compressed without any loss & resized for various screen sizes, even for retina displays.

Lazy Loading & Adaptive Serving

Only the closest image size required for a particular screen size is served and only when it is needed.

Images are super important for the design of your landing page, but are also a big bottleneck when it comes to page speed. With Swipe Pages, you can design without any limitations.

Code gets

Compressed smartly by our algorithms, removing all the unused code and combining the redundant ones.


reduction in code file size

We use the same level of compression even in our standard responsive landing pages, which makes them almost as light & fast as AMP pages.

Landing page cached & served from a CDN

Global high performance CDN with 36 PoPs.

Page and all its assets like images & other scripts served from a server located very close to the end user visiting it. Less distance to travel, faster delivery.

And more..

That’s hours of your work done in 5 seconds.

Build blazing fast landing pages with unlimited design freedom. Now that’s a sweet combo, possible only with Swipe Pages. 

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