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Digital Product
Health & Medical
Lead Generation
Lead Magnet
Real Estate
Professional yet modern SaaS template ideal for clickthrough and direct response landing pages.
Credit Card
A modern & vibrant lead generation tempalte that highlights the benefits of a new credit card.
Food Subscription Box
Promote signups with compelling offers. Perfect landing page for a remarketing campaign.
DNA Testing
A comprehensive template suitable for the medical industry. Has all the right elements to build trust and convert users.
Master's Program - University
Lead generation template that can be used by educational institutions for offline & online programs.
Real Estate Lead Generation
A modern & minimalistic lead generation template for apartments & villas. Beautiful imagery with ample white space.
Web Hosting
Perfect template for web hosting companies, affiliates or any other online tech businesses to drive conversions with an offer.
Driving registrations for a conference or an event, whether it's traditional or online, this is the right template for you
A bold & stylish lead generation template for motorcycle & auto dealers. Showcase your vehicles in style and increase test drive signups
A vibrant landing page template for a skydiving centre to drive bookings. Suitable for other travel companies as well.
Whether you are a consultant, influencer or a business, use this webinar landing page template to invite prospects to signup.
Lead Magnet
Use this template to create a landing page for lead magnets such as Ebooks & Guides. Combine it with a Thank You page to drive users down the funnel.
Social Media Suite
A modern SaaS clickthrough template with colorful illustrations. Tailor made for direct response landing pages from remarketing campaigns.
A versatile template that can be used by any SaaS product and not just a helpdesk. Its simple, clean and easily customizable
Project Management
A modern template for showcasing the main features of your app. Ideal for remarketing campaigns that use direct response landing pages
Marketing Automation
This SaaS landing page template epitomizes the 'Simple is Powerful' principle. Personalize campaigns & drive signups with appropriate messaging.
Lead Magnet
Lead magnets are used by B2B SaaS for attracting leads. Use this template to make your lead magnet attractive.
CRM - Comparison
Use this template as a blueprint for creating competitor comparison pages. Perfect for SaaS, hosting & tech startups.
Term Insurance Plan
A landing page template for insurance companies. Highlight the salient features of your policy, build trust and generate leads
Mutual Fund
This neat & professional landing page template can be used by Mutual Funds, Banks, NBFC's & other financial institutions.
Business Loan
Landing pages of financial companies don't have to be boring. Perfect for fintech startups that want a modern yet trustworthy appeal.
Skincare - Clickthrough
Clickthrough landing page for a skincare product. Can be used by cosmetic ecommerce companies and affiliates to drive conversions using an offer.
Skincare - Lead Generation
Capture emails by offering a coupon. Ecommerce companies & brands can add users to their mailing lists using this landing page template
Skincare - Comparison
Use this comparison landing page template to convince your prospects as to why they should purchase your product ahead of a competitor.
Razor - Clickthrough
A clickthrough ecommerce landing page that focusses on 3 important aspects - product, trust & offer
Razor - Lead Generation
Use this landing page to generate leads for your ecommerce store. Deliver a coupon in exchange for an email address
Razor - Comparison
Use this template to present a comparison with your competitors and make it easy for your prospects to decide to purchase your products.
Clothing Subscription Box
A classic yet contemporary landing page template for clothing subscription boxes. Made for fashion but can be used by other similar businesses
Furniture - Clickthrough
Landing pages don't have to be boring. This classy minimalistic template delivers on all key aspects for ecommerce conversion, while maintaining very high design aesthetics.
Furniture - Lead Generation
Design focussed startups and ecommerce companies can use this stylish template to sign up users to a mailing list with an offer.
Furniture - Specific Product Line
An example of how you need to create personalized landing pages for each segment of your target audience. In this case its an office product line of furniture company
Hairloss Treatment
The green & blue color scheme along with the trust building elements in this landing page makes the template suitable for any business in health & medical industry.
Weight Loss
Health & Fitness coaches & trainers can use this template for their lead generation campaigns.
Health & Fitness coaches & trainers can use this template for their lead generation campaigns.
MBA Program
Though this template has been made with universities in mind, it can be used by any educational institution to create a professional landing page for their offline and online programs.
Art & Design College
A creative landing page template for art & design schools, professionals and trainers to attract leads for their online or offline training programs.
Luxury Apartment
A landing page template for apartments & villas that oozes luxury. Looks great visually with a lot of images, yet loads super fast.
Coliving Space
Though this modern template has been done with coliving spaces in mind, its suitable for any real estate business.
Coworking Space
Hey Coworking spaces and shared offices, here is a plug & play landing page for you.
Business Internet
A professional lead generation landing page template for B2B businesses that sell to SMB's as well as Enterprises.
Internet Service Provider
A landing page template for interet service providers, but its vibrant design with illustrations makes it suitable for tech startups, web hosting & cloud service companies as well.
Influencers, Experts, Creatives & Consultants, use this is super simple, minimal template for creating a webinar landing page.
Organize and promote your events effortlessly with this meetup template, making it easy for attendees to RSVP and stay informed.
Email Marketing
Boost your email campaign's success with this effective and responsive landing page template designed for seamless subscriber engagement.
Online Course
Create an impressive online course platform with this template, offering an intuitive interface for learners and powerful tools for instructors.
Tele Care
Connect with your patients remotely and provide top-notch healthcare services through this secure and user-friendly tele care template.
Loop Bank
Modernize the banking experience with this feature-rich template, offering seamless transactions and easy account management for customers.
Small HRM
Streamline your HR processes and empower your team with this compact yet comprehensive Human Resource Management template.
Effortlessly generate and manage invoices using this clean and professional template, ensuring timely payments and organized records.
Dropshipping Guide
Launch a successful dropshipping business with this informative and visually appealing guide, offering valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Cold Emailing Workshop
Master the art of cold emailing and boost your outreach strategy with this interactive workshop template, packed with practical tips and techniques.
Personal Finance
Take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals with this insightful and customizable personal finance template.
Travel Hacks Workshop
Discover insider travel tips and hacks with this engaging workshop template, helping adventurers make the most of their journeys.
Urban Gardening Workshop
Embrace sustainable living and learn urban gardening techniques with this green-themed workshop template, fostering a sense of community and environmental consciousness.
Programming Course
A comprehensive course on programming and software development.
Cleaning services
Professional cleaning and maintenance services for your home and wellness.
Fashion Stylist Consultation
Expert fashion consultation and wardrobe makeover services.
Martial Arts
Master the art of self-defense and mixed martial arts.
Spine Care Therapy
Expert spine care and chiropractic therapy services for better back health.

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