12 Proven Landing Page Headlines that boost conversions!

12 Proven Landing Page Headlines that boost conversions!

Creating a catchy headline is super important on landing pages. Landing pages want to turn visitors into people who take action, like signing up or buying your product or service.

Imagine scrolling through the landing page and not noticing anything that entices you enough to take action, now that’s a headline that’s pretty much wasted right?

Landing page headlines need to stand out and grab attention, especially when conversion is on the line.

The headline on landing page is the MVP (Most Valuable Player). No matter how great the offer or information is on the page, it won’t have an impact if people don’t take the desired action.

The headline is the hero that sparks curiosity, encourages action, and drives users to sign up or make a purchase.

Take a look at this which one do you think would convert visitors?

Marketing simplified!
Say Goodbye to complex funnels and Hello to Better ROI!

The second one. Why? This headline nails it by tackling a common marketing woe – complexity – and promising a positive transformation.

The “Say Goodbye” and “Hello to” combo highlights the pain point of the prospect and presents the value of switching over to your business.

Let’s dive into more headlines like these:

1. Emphasize the Key Value Proposition:

This headline focuses on directly communicating the unique value or benefit your product or service provides.

It’s about clearly stating what makes your offering valuable and appealing to your audience.

Did you know: According to industry data, a well-crafted value proposition can improve conversion rates by over 30%.

For example:

Privy‘s headline clearly communicates the product (e-commerce marketing platform), the target audience (stores looking to grow sales), and the key value proposition (features for driving more sales).

Why It Works: Clarity, specificity, and relevance make it compelling.

Audienceful’s headline is vague, lacking clarity about the product, target audience, and key value proposition. It vaguely references an “easier way” without specifying benefits.

Why It Falls Short: Lack of specificity, undefined audience, and limited details make it less compelling.

In comparison Privy stands out in emphasizing the key value proposition by being specific, direct, and immediately addressing the core benefit – growing sales.

Audienceful, while suggesting a value proposition, could enhance its effectiveness by providing more details about the benefits it offers to the audience.

2. Curiosity-Piquing Headline:

Instead of giving away all the information, this headline sparks curiosity.

It teases readers with a glimpse, leaving them intrigued and prompting them to read further to satisfy their curiosity.

By generating interest and encouraging users to delve deeper into the content, the likelihood of users taking the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form, increases.

For example:

This headline is an effective example of a Curiosity-Piquing Headline.

The initial announcement of a summer sale creates immediate interest by offering a discount, prompting readers to inquire further.

The subsequent statement about hikers switching to Alpaca socks introduces an element of curiosity – why are so many hikers making this switch?

The combination of a sale and a compelling reason creates a sense of intrigue, enticing readers to learn more about what makes Alpaca socks so popular among hikers.

The addition of “800+ Reviews” further supports the credibility and popularity of the product, encouraging readers to delve deeper to discover the reasons behind this notable trend.

In essence, the headline generates curiosity by providing a partial story that encourages readers to explore further for a complete understanding.

3. Speak Directly to the Buyer Persona:

Tailored for a specific group of people, this headline addresses the needs, preferences, or characteristics of a particular buyer persona.

It aims to make individuals within that group feel recognized and addressed personally.

Did you know: Landing pages that directly address the needs and preferences of the specific buyer persona experience, on average, a 20% boost in conversion rates compared to generic messaging.

For example:

This headline directly addresses “SaaS Founders,” the specific audience, making it highly tailored.

By mentioning the key metric that matters most to them, MRR (monthly recurring revenue), and highlighting a pain point that deeply concerns them, the headline grabs their attention effectively.

The personal tone, using phrases like “Your SaaS website” and “I can help you change that,” creates a one-on-one conversation feel.

This not only resonates with SaaS founders but also establishes a connection by acknowledging their challenges and offering a solution.

The clarity in messaging and the emotional connection mentioned in the copy further reinforce the idea that this service is customized for SaaS founders, making it a compelling and personalized pitch.

4. Convey the Dream Outcome in Quantifiable Terms:

This headline type communicates the specific and measurable benefits a product or service promises. Instead of vague assurances, they use numbers or clear metrics to illustrate the tangible positive changes users can expect, providing a concrete vision of the desired result.

Here’s a stat: Pages employing this headline type witnesses a 25% increase in conversion rates compared to pages with generic headlines.

For example:

The dream outcome is clearly quantified, stating a significant cost reduction of 80% compared to US equivalents. This not only sets a clear expectation but also provides a measurable benefit, which is a crucial element of conveying a dream outcome.

The headline is specific about the dream outcome finding amazing employees at a substantially lower cost.

This specificity adds credibility and allows potential clients to envision the tangible benefits they could achieve by using the services of this headhunter agency.

By emphasizing the cost savings and the quality of talent, the headline communicates a dream outcome that many companies aspire to hiring exceptional talent while significantly reducing expenses.

The inclusion of “Start Hiring” serves as a clear call to action, inviting businesses to take the first step toward achieving this dream outcome.

In essence, the headline effectively communicates a compelling dream outcome – accessing top-notch overseas talent at a fraction of the cost, and it does so with quantifiable terms, making it a strong example of this headline type.

5. Highlight a pain point or pressing problem:

This headline type emphasizes a specific problem your audience faces, creating a connection by acknowledging their pain point.

It sparks interest and sets the stage for a solution, compelling readers to explore further for relief or answers.

For example:

This type of headline aims to quantify the benefits or potential losses, providing clear, measurable expectations.

In this case, it directly states that around 9% of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is at risk due to failed payments, specifying the reasons such as expired credit cards and insufficient funds.

By putting a number on the risk, it not only highlights a pain point but also makes the potential loss tangible.

The mention of 9% provides a quantifiable measure, allowing the audience to understand the precise impact and prompting them to consider how much it might be costing them each month.

This approach aligns with the strategy of using numbers to make the headline more compelling, specific, and impactful.

6. Explain the Product & address objections:

This type of headline straightforwardly communicates the key functions of your product or service. It may also address common objections or concerns potential customers might have, providing clarity and building trust.

Did you know: Just like emphasizing on the value proposition pages with clear and concise explanations of product functions and objections experience a 25% increase in conversion rates.

For example:

This headline clearly communicates what the product consists of. This directly addresses the primary function of the product – offering a variety of delicious and health-conscious meal options.

Additionally, the headline cleverly addresses potential objections or concerns a consumer might have.

The integration with MyFitnessPal reassures buyers that tracking their nutrition alongside these meals is seamlessly facilitated.

The assurance that every recipe is easy to prepare addresses another common worry about the practicality of maintaining a healthy diet.

Moreover, the inclusion of vegetarian and vegan-friendly recipes caters to a broader audience and addresses specific dietary preferences.

The final call to action, stating “Buy Now for $79! + 2 FREE Bonuses,” communicates the pricing details and adds further value with the mention of complimentary bonuses creating a compelling proposition for potential customers to make a purchase.

7. Convey your offers:

This headline type communicates the primary benefit or value proposition of a product, service, or content on a landing page.

It aims to instantly capture attention and provide a clear statement about what visitors can gain or experience by engaging further with the content.

The goal is to entice visitors and reduce their purchase friction by presenting the central offer in a direct and compelling manner.

For example:

The headline clearly communicates the offer of guaranteed delivery by a specific date, encouraging immediate action.

The mention of “$20 OFF” acts as a strong incentive, clearly conveying the savings the customer can enjoy.

The use of phrases like “Don’t Wait!” and “Order Now” creates a sense of urgency, urging customers to take advantage of the offer promptly.

The subsequent details about the meals being organically sourced, chef-prepared, always fresh, and fully cooked convey additional benefits, enhancing the value of the offer.

The final “CLAIM YOUR $20 OFF” is a clear and direct call to action, guiding the reader on the next step to avail the discount.

In essence, this headline effectively conveys a time-limited and compelling offer, provides key details about the product, and prompts immediate action.

8. How-to Headlines:

This type of headlines cleverly guide users, acting as search results that offer solutions to their needs.

They subtly present products or services as valuable solutions, especially effective in contexts like online courses, workshops, webinars, and consultations, where establishing authority is key.

For example:

This headline is like a clever trick in the world of online content. Imagine someone is searching for a solution to a problem – maybe they want to earn extra income and escape the 9-5 grind. This headline swoops in like a helpful guide, suggesting it has the solution they’re looking for.

It’s all about promising a specific outcome – creating $50,000+ in extra income through quick and easy cosmetic renovations. It’s like saying, “Hey, if you’re searching for a way to make more money, I’ve got the answer right here!”.

The headline uses action-oriented language to make it even more enticing, urging the reader to take a risk-free peek into an online course that supposedly holds the secrets to profitable renovations.

In a nutshell, this type of headline plays a clever role – it positions the product or course as the solution to a problem someone might be actively searching for.

It’s like saying, “You’ve got a problem? Well, here’s exactly how you can solve it, step by step.”

9. Guarantee Headlines:

A Guarantee Headline assures the reader of a specific benefit or outcome. It’s a promise that the content will deliver on certain expectations.

This type of headline builds trust and sets clear expectations about the value or results the reader can anticipate.

Did you know: Landing pages with Guarantee Headlines see, on average, a 20% increase in conversion rates.

Providing a strong guarantee not only instills trust but also minimizes the perceived risk for potential customers, nudging them towards making a confident decision.

For example:

This headline presents a strong promise and assurance to the audience. It explicitly shows the value that you save up to 30% on your SaaS stack, or you get your money back.

The mention of a guarantee ensures a level of confidence and reassures potential customers that there is a commitment to delivering results.

The subsequent details about getting more visibility on vendors, automating procurement, and achieving cost savings further reinforce the guarantee by providing concrete actions and benefits.

The use of specific numbers, such as 3x ROI guarantee, adds credibility and conveys a sense of measurable outcomes.

Overall, this headline type is effective in instilling confidence in potential customers by offering a clear and bold guarantee.

10. The Before & After Headline:

This headline type indicates that the content will showcase a transformation. It often involves presenting a scenario before a change and after it, demonstrating a significant improvement or alteration after using the product.

For example:

The “Before” and “After” segments create a visual contrast, promising a transformation from dealing with acne problems to enjoying clear skin.

The bridge connects this transformation to the promoted product, a portable light therapy device.

The use of descriptors like “Pain-Free,” “Clinically-Proven,” and “FDA Cleared” adds credibility and reassurance.

By concluding with practical details like free shipping, a return policy, and a one-year warranty, the headline addresses potential concerns and encourages immediate action.

Overall, effectively employing the Before & After strategy to showcase a desirable transformation achievable with the featured product.

11. Social Proof Headlines:

Social proof headlines leverage the endorsement or positive experiences of others to build credibility.

This could include testimonials, reviews, or endorsements from satisfied customers, demonstrating that others have found value in the content or product.

For example:

This headline effectively employs a “Social Proof” strategy by stating, “Want to know why 1000’s of parents are switching from gummy vitamins to our Kids Daily Multivitamin?”

This creates a sense of credibility and trust by highlighting that a significant number of parents are already choosing their product.

By specifying the product as “multivitamins for kids” and identifying the target audience as “parents,” it provides clarity and relevance.

The use of a question makes the headline engaging and directly involves the visitor, prompting them to seek an answer.

This interaction not only captures attention but also contributes to building a connection with the potential customer.

Overall, it’s a clever and effective way to leverage social proof, communicate product details, and encourage interaction for increased conversion on landing pages.

12. Highlighting The Benefits Headline:

This type of headline focuses on the benefits. It suggests that the content will highlight the positive outcomes or advantages of a particular approach or product.

It’s about showcasing the perks without doing it directly.

For example:

The headline, “Build high converting landing pages in minutes,” clearly states what can be accomplished with the product – specifically, the ability to build landing pages.

The key benefits of the product are prominently emphasized, such as being “easy to use” and enabling users to achieve “better conversions.”

By promising the capability to create high-converting landing pages in a short time frame, the headline implicitly communicates the value proposition of saving time and achieving improved results.

The mention of “Quickly create insanely fast, mobile-optimized AMP landing pages without any code” further underscores the ease of use and efficiency of the product.

Overall, the headline effectively communicates the primary benefits, making it attractive to users seeking a convenient and effective solution for building landing pages.


Writing headlines is tough, you know? Squeezing all that info, brand vibe, and the push to convert into just a line or two is quite the writing challenge.

As readers become choosier and the internet gets busier it’s always important to keep your landing pages’ game top notch.

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